DANCE Your Way Into Great Shape!

The Latin Dance Workout - iChaCha combines fabulous music with non-stop movement. The instructor, Anja Leiter, uses standard ballroom technique and adds clear cueing to create a fun, fat-burning workout which targets and tones your core. As part of her easy-to-learn method, Anja introduces each step by starting at half tempo. For those who want even more detailed instruction, iChaCha has an on-screen option for Technique Tips. Just click on the icon when you need a more in-depth demonstration of a new step.

As well as being a strengthening, calorie-burning workout, iChaCha will prepare you to get out on the dance floor to try the fun, flirty moves with confidence built on classic ballroom technique.

Anja Leiter is an international ballroom dance professional who teaches and competes in North America and Europe. She began competing in Latin Ballroom Dance in Germany at the age of seven. Ms. Leiter is a certified Dancesport instructor with specialties in Latin, Salsa & Hip Hop dance instruction.

Approx. Running Time: 36 minutes